General Questions


What is Goonet Exchange?

Goonet Exchange is a Japanese used car export website that boasts an overwhelming inventory.
The Goonet Exchange lists the vehicles listed on Japan's largest used car portal site, Goo-net, and you can search for vehicles from used car dealers all over Japan.
The operating company is PROTO CORPORATION and its subsidiary Goo-net Exchange Co., Ltd. See the About Us page for more information.


Is all vehicle listed on Goonet Exchange available?

There are import regulations depending on the country, state, or the first registration date of the car and so on.
Also, due to the system reasons, vehicles that already sold-out or non-exportable may be displayed.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could contact us to see the vehicle's availablity.


I will import for the first time. What should I do?

First of all, please look for a car on the site. If you find a car that interests you, please request a quote. We will get back to you within 48 hours.
See the purchase method page
In addition, there are import restrictions in some countries. For details, please see the section about import restrictions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us from Contact Us.


I don't know how to purchase. Will you give a lecture?

We will explain the procedure for purchase. Please feel free to contact us. Or you can visit the 「How To Buy」 page to learn it.


Is it possible to import to my country?

There are vehicle conditions that can be imported depending on the country, state, and age. For details, please see the section about import restrictions.
If you are not sure if it can be imported, we will check it, so please feel free to contact us.


What are your office hours?

We are open Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. (Japan time).


Who runs Goonet Exchange?

The operating company is PROTO CORPORATION and its subsidiary Goo-net Exchange Co., Ltd.
PROTO CORPORATION is a company that operates the largest used car portal site "Goo-net" in Japan.
See the About Us page for more information.


Do you own car listed on Goonet Exchange?

Basically, "NO". We are mainly an intermediary between used car dealers and users in Japan.
*We also have some in-house inventory.


Is it possible to take contact directly to the vendor?

If you would like to contact the retailer directly, please check Goo-net.
However, most retailers do not speak English and cannot handle exports abroad.
We strongly recommend ordering via Goonet Exchange.


Can you speak English?

Yes, Goonet Exchange staff can speak English.


I'm living in Japan. Is it possible to buy a car?

We can sell to the US millitaries stationed in Japan and embassy related inquiries, but not to other individuals.


Is the state of the cars guaranteed?

No, there is no guarantee.
However, it is possible to check the condition of the vehicle by conducting a pre-export inspection and submitting a vehicle condition evaluation certificate.


Is it possible to return cars?

No, we do not accept returns. It is a No claim and No return basis.

About This Website


What is FOB?

FOB is the sum of the purchase price of a vehicle and the transportation cost to an export port in Japan.


Some vehicles are priced at ASK, what does that mean?

If the vehicle price is not disclosed or the fare is unknown, it will be written as ASK. We will inform you of the price at the time of quotation.
*If FOB is ASK, the estimated price will be very expensive in many cases. Please note.


How do I know the total amount?

After sending Inquiry, we will send you a final quote by email.
Also, if you select the country and port using the calculator function on the site, the approximate total amount will be calculated.


Do you have left handle cars?

Yes, we have. Please specify left steering in the narrowing down of the car list page.


Is it possible to replace a vehicle with a right steering wheel with a left steering wheel?

No, we do not shift the steering handles inside Japan.
If you are able to do it at your end, we can assist to send cars to your nearest port.


Do you sell car parts?

We do not sell parts.
However, depending on the dealers, it may be possible to replace parts that are in poor condition.


What is the condition sheet?

Vehicles with condition seats are vehicles whose condition has been confirmed by a third-party expert appraiser (JAAA).
Please use it to check the vehicle condition.
*The condition sheet does not guarantee the condition of the vehicle. Please contact us for details on vehicle conditions.


Do you have a car inspection and JCI?

All cars don't come with JCI (no shaken, no number plate).


The car I wanted isn't listed on the site

Please feel free to contact us. Goonet Exchange staff will look for it whenever possible.


Is it possible to get additional images and videos?

If we can get it from the store, we can provide it. The higher the purchase probability, the easier it is to get images and videos.


The nearest port is not listed on the site. What should I do?

It is not necessarily impossible to sell, so please feel free to contact us. We will check if delivery is possible and will contact you.


I would like to purchase a car that is subject to import restrictions.

We provide only a-year storage service (charged). Please feel free to contact us.


Is it possible to replace parts that are in poor condition?

In some cases, it is possible at an additional charge. Please feel free to contact us.


How soon will I get a reply when I request a quote or make an inquiry?

Basically, we will reply within 48 hours. It may take some time to reply due to holidays and holidays on the Japanese side.


How do you communicate after requesting a quote?

Basically, we contact you by e-mail. You can also chat and call on WhatsApp or LINE if you wish.

Country Regulations



The following conditions must be met.

  • ・The first registration of the vehicle must be older than 25 years.

*Regulations may vary depending on the state. Please contact the transport office of each state for details.


In Japan

Only US Army and Embassy related persons are able to purchase from us.
We are only able to deliver outside the base and there is no number plate attached to it.



Newer than 10 years old must have a model designation number and a classification number.
Older than 10 years, there is no need have those.


In New Zealand

There are following regulations.

  • ・Pre-export inspection is essential
  • ・ESC must be installed in younger than 20 years old cars
  • ・It is not possible to import cars with a modification (KAI) mark on the chassis number
  • ・You need to check the Emission Code (Model Code) to see if it is able to register in NZ or not
  • ・Vehicles with Takata air-bags under recall are not eligible to import
  • ・You must get a special permit for the belows
    1. For Left hand steering vehicles
    2. For younger than 20 years without ESC equiped

In Australia

There are the following regulations.

  • ・It is not possible to import cars that have parts made with asbestos
  • ・It is necessary to obtain an import license (Vehicle Import Approval) from the Australian Government

In Canada

The following conditions must be met.

  • ・The first registration of the vehicle must be older than 15 years.

About Other Countries

Please contact us. Or you can find out asking the Transport Authority in your home country.

Buying & Payment


What is the payment method?

It is 100% payment in advance by wire transfer (Telegraphic Transfer) & Credit Card (VISA & MASTER).
PayPal is not accepted.
Please check here to learn more.


Can I pay in foreign currency?

You can pay by JPY or USD (T/T only)

Credit Card payment is only by JPY


When will the purchase and payment be confirmed?

After requesting a quote on the site, we will send you a quote by email.
As soon as you make a 100% advance payment and we can confirm the payment, the purchase of the vehicle will be confirmed.
Please check here for the account information of the payee.


Is it possible to trade a car?

No, we can't do trade. GOONET Exchange is only for sale.


Is it possible to return cars?

Basically it's a No claim No return basis.


Is it possible to return the purchased car?

Basically no claim no return, please.


Is it possible to pay later?

100% prepayment, please.


Is it possible to pay a loan?

No, it will be paid in one lump sum.


How do I pay taxes?

After purchasing, you will be required to pay taxes on the vehicle (import tax, customs duty, etc.) in your country.



What kind of documents do you send?

Upon purchase, we will send you the following documents.

[For overseas user]

  • ・Commercial Invoice
  • ・Original Export Certificate and its translation
  • ・Original Bill of Landing
  • ・Insurance paper (If the terms is CIF)
  • ・Pre-inspection Certificate (If neded by country)
  • ・ISF information (For USA)
  • ・Manuals or service books (If available)

[For domestic user]

  • ・Title Certificate
  • ・Certificate Of Transfer
  • ・Recycle Ticket

What is Title Certificate?

It is an official proof of ownership.


What is Certificate Of Transfer?

This is a document certifying that the ownership will be transferred from the old owner to the new one.
It is necessary while purchasing a used car or changing the name when buying or selling a car individually.


What is Recycle Ticket?

This is a certificate to confirm that the recycling fee stipulated in the "Automobile Recycling Law" (enforced in January 2005) is paid correctly.
It will be required for the scrapping procedure that involves dismantling.


What is Export Certificate?

This is a document certifying that a car is for export, not be registered in Japan.


What is B/L(Bill of Landing)?

B/L(Bill of Landing) is a shipping document issued by a shipping company, which proves the acceptance of cargo.
This is the most important document to release your car from the ship.


Can you help me?

Depending on your country, we can introduce clearing agents to you.
They can help you with paperwork, customs clearance, local delivery and registration in your country.
If you wish, please contact us after selecting "Yes" for "Clearing Agents" in the inquiry form.

Shipping & Receiving


How long does it take for the car to arrive after payment?

It depands on the country and the port.
To the US, it takes about 1 month to reach.
To EU, it takes about 2 months.
To Oceania, it takes about 1 month.
To Africa, it takes about 1 month.
To Okinawa, Japan, it takes about 2 weeks.
Please contact us for the details.


Is there insurance for transportation?

Yes. It is possible to take out marine insurance and carry out pre-export inspection (for a fee).
Please contact us for more information.


I would like to check the transportation status.

Please contact us by email, WhatsApp or LINE. We will inform you the transportation status.


What should I do when I receive my car?

Go to the destination port and pick up your vehicle.
Please register your vehicle at the Land Transport Bureau or the Transport Bureau in your own country.

Contact with Us!!